A Membership Pharmacy

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No Insurance Needed

As a Membership Direct Care Pharmacy, we strive to make all prescriptions and pharmacy services affordable so that insurance is not needed at all, following the model set forth by Ochna Health Direct Primary Care for primary care medical services.

Why We Do It

• Just like you, we think prescription prices are too high
• We want to make insurance irrelevant for routine needs
• We want to bring more transparency to healthcare

How We Do It

• Cloud-based technology helps us keep cost low
• We both save by not going through insurance
• You pay what we pay: no markup, or surcharge

Ochna Health Pharmacy
By You, For You

No more driving around for pricing
No more searching for coupons online
No more having your data sold to advertisers

Pharmacy Membership is currently only available as part of
Ochna Health Direct Primary Care membership

Unlike most discount programs, we do not ever track, remarket, or sell your data to advertisers.
Your information is forever private with us.

Now Open

Our Services

We Are Truly Your Pharmacy
More than just patients, you are part of our family.
Text us, email us, call us — we are here for you.

Ready to start?

All-Inclusive Membership
No markup, hidden fees, or surcharges, ever
Never worry about co-payment and deductible

Seriously, there is no catch.

You Pay What It Cost Us
No retail price, ever again
Prescriptions start at just $2

What you see is what you get.

Welcome to the Family

At this time, Pharmacy Membership is only available
as part of the Direct Primary Care Membership

Do you have a Primary Care Medical Home?

Join Ochna Health’s Direct Primary Care Membership.
Have a real relationship with, and unlimited access to your doctor at the clinic, via phone, email, text message, or video chat.
No insurance required or needed
Membership in the pharmacy program included

Membership plans are administered by Ochna Health Direct Primary Care, LLC.
Pharmacy services are provided by Ochna Health Pharmacy, LLC, a Texas-licensed pharmacy upon approval by the State Board of Pharmacy.