• Yes, we are a real pharmacy staffed by our pharmacist, Sydney Nguyen, who has over 14 years of combined experience in retail, hospital, and outpatient clinical work.
  • We only sell medications regulated by the FDA, and purchased from licensed distributors in the United States, just like any other retail pharmacies in the United States.
  • The main difference is we dispense your medications here at our pharmacy in Georgetown, TX, and you can pick it up from us.
  • We are not an online or internet pharmacy.
  • We only sell medications regulated by the FDA, and purchased from licensed distributors in the United States. What you see is what we pay our wholesalers and distributors for the medications. That shows you the HUGE markup currently common in the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Insurance companies often force pharmacies to charge their insured patients an inflated price, from which a discount is subsequently applied by the insurance company. This is to achieve the false perception that insurance have saved their insured patients a great amount. The true cost of the medications is not known to you, the patient.
  • Without participation in any insurance plans, we are under no such restrictions, and can freely publish the true cost of the medications. These are in most cases lower than the supposedly-discounted insurance prices.
  • Your membership supports our operation, and in turn, we are able to pass along our wholesale price to you without any markup, fees, or surcharges.
  • You are our focus, patient, and customer - not your insurance‚Äôs formulary, without their step-therapy or prior-authorization requirements.
  • More than so, you are part of our family. Our motto is to treat all of our patients as we would our own family members.
  • All our services are provided at whoelsale cost, with no markup, fees or surcharges or any kind.
  • Our pharmacist is always accessible to you for any questions you might have about your medications, herbs, supplements, and their interaction.
Currently, we are licensed in Texas only.
  • To maintain our low cost of operation, and subsequently low cost of membership, medications are dispensed just a limited number of hours a day, subject to change without prior notice.
  • Prescriptions already dispensed can be picked up during the hours that Ochna Health clinic is open: Mon-Thu 9am-5pm, Fri 9am-3pm.
  • We dispense mostly FDA-approved generic medications, which account for over 90% of prescriptions written.
  • While we do not stock brand-name medications, we can get them for you the next day at cost with pre-payment, or via Canadian pharmacies.
  • We do not dispense controlled medications, but rather refer to local pharmacies that have them in stock.
  • We do not compound, but rather refer to local pharmacies that do.
  • By law, we cannot accept back medications that have been dispensed due to safety reasons. It is impossible for us to verify the integrity of the medications.
  • All medications dispensed are considered final.


  • Similar to a gym membership, your membership with us afford you easy access to your pharmacy and pharmacy staff.
  • Your membership allows us to offer all of our services at cost without any markup: OTC products, medical devices, prescription medications, as well as veterinary medications.
  • At this time, we only provide services to our Direct Primary CAre members. Your membership gives you access to all services and the best pricing on all medications. There are no contract commitment, so if you decide this is not for you long term, you can simply cancel.
  • Alternatively, we can always refer you to other local pharmacies.
  • All medications and services are provided at cost.
  • There are no fees, markup, or surcharges for any (human) prescriptions.
  • There are no fees, markup, or surcharges for any veterinary prescriptions (future service).
  • There are no fees, markup, or surcharges for medical devices, though a prescription is required.
  • There are no fees, markup, or surcharges for OTC medications.
  • There is no contract. You can cancel at any time prior to your next renewal date. Cancellation is effective the next billing cycle.
  • This model of pharmacy practice depends on membership fees to cover operational costs. Repeated cancellation and renewal greatly increase the administrative cost, and subsequently, the membership cost. If member cancels and wishes to renew, a new agreement shall be executed and member shall be subject to any applicable increase in fees at the time.
  • Yes, certainly, subject to the re-enrollment fee, and any increase in membership fees since your cancellation.


  • We are not in network with any insurance plans.
  • Participation in insurance networks greatly increase our operational cost. This increased cost is ultimately borne by you (via a co-pay and high insurance premium), or your employer (via high premium).
  • More likely than not, you will pay less for your medications through us, since neither you nor us will have to pay the insurance company and pharmacy benefit manager (PBM, such as Express Scripts). These costs are often rolled into your insurance premium, or prescription prices.
  • If you have Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, or any other government-funded plans, you cannot join our membership plan.


  • We can transfer the prescriptions to a local pharmacy nearby.
  • Our discounted prices are valid only at our pharmacy. Other pharmacies at your temporary travel location may have a different pricing structure. Ochna Health Pharmacy is not responsible for the difference between the two prices. You are responsible for the full cost of the medications dispensed by other pharmacies.
  • You have unlimited access to our pharmacy staff and services during our normal hours of operation.
  • You have access to the wholesale pricing of all of our products at our cost without any markup, fees or surcharges.
  • These costs are not included in the membership fee.


  • Our membership plan is managed by Ochna Health Direct Primary Care, who also offers other plans, such as a Direct Primary Care plan for primary care medical services. Management is fully automated via Hint Health, the membership platform manager.
  • To keep our cost low, auto payment is required. Hint Health will send you a membership invoice about 3 days prior to your membership due date.
  • We accept bank transfer (ACH) and credit cards. There is $30 bank charge for ACH transfer decline. No cash is accepted.
  • Your membership is automatically cancelled upon non-payment, unless otherwise pre-arranged. A re-enrollment fee applies upon renewal.
  • You can pay for your prescriptions using the same payment method for your membership, or a different method (please see HSA section below).
  • Payment is required prior to picking up.
  • Yes, you can. The IRS has recently issued a rule change allowing HSA to be used towards membership as a medical expense.
  • Yes, definitely. Most of all prescriptions qualify as HSA items.